About Me

I’m Karen Collier, and I started this blog to share my personal journey as I begin the second half of my life. No, I’m not really planning to live to 112, but if I said the final third of my life, that would be just too depressing. Regardless of the fraction I apply to the remainder of my life, I’ve definitely entered a new phase. My child is grown, and my husband and I are recently retired.  I now have the time and energy to do many of the things I never could before, but after raising my son and two careers (one as a technical and marketing writer and another as a high-school English teacher), I also sometimes struggle to find my relevance in the world. That’s what I hope to explore in this blog…finding joy and finding relevance…and I expect to also find some surprises along the way (like maybe I will live to 112). As the proverb says, The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.