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Help Me!: A DIY Dilemma

As I mentioned last week, I was recently cleaning out my cedar chest to get the lid closed. In the process, I realized some of the stuff in there needed to be put to use. Why in the world should I save a Clinton-Gore t-shirt from 1992 that I could be ironically wearing today? There were also a few things that could go to Goodwill. I’d saved them for sentimental reasons but they didn’t really have any sentimental value. For example, I’d saved a Christmas advent calendar that we’d used for a couple of years in the early 1990s. It had a bear that moved from pocket to pocket as the days passed, but he was top heavy and so was constantly doing headers into the floor, causing me to have to look at a real calendar to put him back in the pocket where he belonged.

Anyway, I finally cleaned out enough stuff to get the lid closed but was left with a small collection of engraved silver baby gifts that I have no use for but can’t give away because, while they have no sentimental value, I know they should. I immediately consulted Pinterest, but my search on “silver baby cups” came up mostly empty except for a few people who repurpose them as punch cups, an idea that doesn’t work for me because I’m certainly not buying more of them, and I can’t remember the last time I served punch anyway. I didn’t even bother to search for the other items.

A few days later, as I was on the way to a vintage market with my son’s girlfriend, I mentioned that I was looking for ideas about what to do with engraved silver baby cups. She was perplexed…not so much about how to reuse them but more about why people would give such a thing as a baby gift. As I found myself trying to explain, I realized that it is beyond explanation. I know Mitch never drank out of either of his cups or played with the rattle. I’m pretty sure I never used my cup, although it’s possible I used the fork and spoon to eat something very small, like peas. I have no idea about Dave, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he used the napkin ring. His family was very proper, and I can easily imagine his mother placing a cloth napkin folded in a monogrammed silver napkin ring into his pudgy baby hand. But I digress.

These silver baby gifts have been sitting on my counter for the past three weeks, and I still have no idea what to do with them, so I’m issuing a challenge. Offer me an interesting idea for something I can make out of five cups, two forks, a spoon, a rattle, and a napkin ring, and I will, in return, send you a handmade gift.

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  1. Wind chime. Buy some beautiful hand-blown glass beads to add to the assorted silver things. We can make it together.

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