The Blood Drive, Part 2

Thanks for all the messages and phone calls encouraging me to give blood. I went last Thursday morning to donate and am just now able to talk about it without getting light-headed. You know how sometimes when you have to get your blood drawn, and you get that one phlebotomist who doesn’t quite know what he/she is doing, and it hurts like hell? Well, apparently that sometimes happens at the blood center too.  The prick came, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then I heard these words: “I thought I hit it.” Yeah, apparently the vein she chose was a roller. After a minute of twisting and turning, she finally got the needle in. The upside was that my blood pressure was so high, it only took 30 seconds to fill the bag.

Not really. It took about five minutes. And in that five minutes, I became light-headed and then nauseous and couldn’t stop thinking about my friend Linda’s story of projectile vomiting. But the phlebotomist was better at first aid than sticking needles, so she tilted the chair back to get my feet above my head, covered me in ice packs, and gave me a Gatorade and a barf bag. All the while, some big burly dude donating across the room texted on his phone and occasionally looked up to shake his head at me in disgust. I think he would have donated standing up if they’d let him.

After it was over, as I was eating my Chips Ahoy, the guy at the desk waved me over to his computer to show me stuff I can get when I accrue enough points. Guess he could sense that I’m a sucker for a free t-shirt and figured that was the only way to entice me to ever come back.

Will I do it again? I hope so. I need only 250 more points to get the “Don’t be a chicken” t-shirt.

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